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Little Demma

The highlight of my week, my sister's family come to KL and I got to meet my niece. She becomes so big now and that's mean I get older. Whenever I see her, I feel grateful for her. She is the proof that God can bless you on His right time. Spending time with her is the most precious time.
I can't wait to come back from work, just to see her and my sister. I miss my family so much lately. I guess I need to go back to see my family but I can't.

Everytime when our first met.She always shy but after done "scanning" her favorite aunt, she will be okay...haha

First thing first when come to Aunt P house, watching her favorite, Marsha and the Bear.
But, this time, we went to playground in front of aunty house. Yeahh... I hope you will remember this memories Demma.

Mini love from mini keriitleto

My sister's homecook is always the best! I love it!

Seeing Demma having fun at the house make me feel no regret to invest and sacrifice so much for this big dream. I want my family will be comfortable and having a good environment to live on.


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