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Next chapter | Advice for SPM leaver

Yesterday my WhatsApp is overloaded with CONGRATULATIONS wishes for our fellow JFC family and my nephews/nieces.
I really  proud of you and well done! Whatever the result, good job! There a lot ahead you.
Your life journey is really begin now… the real one.
Now, you will slowly start to decide on your own.
Your parent still there but now it’s time to decide mostly for yourself and know what you want.
So, here is my advices.

Surrender everything to God
We can plan everything in our life but always surrender whatever you plan to God.
We can plan and God will make it happen.

Listen to your mind
Choose the path in your life is a bit challenging because sometime you do not know what you want/choose.
So, always listen to your  mind. Always search for advice whenever you still don’t know what you want.
Don’t blindly choose or choose something because it’s your parent want or other choice.
Choose what you want.

Know your capability
What you able to do? I know maybe it’s too early to measure your capability as you still have a lot to learn but you know yourself.
For example, if you love engineering and you think you will capable to learn it for next 4-5 years now, then go ahead!

Keep in faith
Life is ups and down journey.
You need to keep in faith. Always believe in God.
No one can change that.
Be ready for the real life. It’s scary but God will be always there so don’t worry, everything will be okay.

Again, congrats to all SPM leaver!
You already did your best so happy choosing!


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