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Petronas Primax 95 with Pro Drive review

I can't believe I will share my review on Petronas Primax 95 with Pro Drive....haha.I usually share my review on beauty products and this is very unusual...haha.
I am not an avid fan of the car but my fiance is the one. He always talked about cars when with me and very interested in every car that we ever see. I know when he is a good mood or bad. If good mood, he will excitedly tell me the cars name and when he bad mood, you know lah...he will never tell me. So, slowly I developed my interest in cars as well but for now, I just interested in fuel. I want to do a comparison.
I never compare the fuel type before, I don't even know what the difference between 95 or 97, I just refill whatever cheap one. But, my fiance know all of that so now, I know it is different.
I usually go for 95 because its usually cheap but recently, we decided to try on 97 for 1 month and I think it's great but a bit expensive so when I recently I saw Petronas Primax 95 with Pro Drive ads and Instagram post and I feel like I want to try it.
So, today, I told my fiance, we should try it and yes, it's awesome! My driving becomes so smooth and it makes me want to drive longer ( my fiance will be happy if he knows this...haha).
But, really! this fuel is awesome!
So, please do try it now.

I think that's all for my review, I know its super short but next time, I will ask my fiance to write about cars related, what do you guys think?
Please comment below if you would like to read what my fiance story/review on my blog.


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