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I'm so happy with my new rice cooker!!


Arghhh... I wanted to share one exciting news here.
I am so happy that my idea was selected for the Innovation award at my workplace. I'm so excited about it but I can't reveal the idea here, I want to keep it secret...hehe. But, I'm happy I got the prize for the idea that I never thought to selected. Praise the Lord.
So, what am I going to do with it?
I planned to buy a bigger rice cooker.
Last time I got the vouchers, I said I want to buy a bigger rice cooker instead I bought oven toaster and I don't really love it.So, this time I will really buy bigger rice cooker.So, here are my choices. I can't believe I will share my rice cooker choices on my blog...haha

Choice 1:Pensonic

Choice 2: Midea ( my sister's favorite brand)

Choice 3 : Cornell ( I never heard of this brand before but I think I want this)
My eyes already on you but I need to add another RM60 for this...ermmm

Choice 4 : Tefal ( I love the color but need to add another RM90)

Or I will go for drill/BBQ/steamboat pan?? hahaha
But, I don't know the price.

And, here is the price. Yeay!

I am grateful for this price and can't wait to buy my rice cooker...
I will share what I buy and my review on the rice cooker soon.


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