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Titi, can I be your flower girl?

My heart is melting today...
My niece called me Titi ( bukan titian lah). I feel so good to hear her tiny voice. I think today her voice more clear and the pronunciation is good. I can't wait to hear her talk and converse with us...just can't! What really touch my heart today is when her mum/my sister 'translated' what she want to tell me . She said" she wanted to be one of my flower girl on my upcoming wedding(finger crossed!). 
I feel so touched.
Yes sure Demma, you're my first choice of flower girl. I've been pray for you to be the one.
This little girl makes me realized, I am loved and I have something to look forward to living. It's not I'd give up with my life but sometimes life can be so hard and I think I can't take it anymore but knowing I have my loved one and God in my life, I can and I will go through this.


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