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Wherever you run, I will run

Hi there~
It's March already? February 2019 feel so short as its the shortest month after all. Okay, I want to share about my fun weekend last weekend. I went to Illumin FestRun 2019! It's first outdoor activity I went this year and I can say, I feel so weak! No stamina at all. I was almost crying during the running. I feel hurt so bad.
So, this is how I start my March and hopefully I will be active this month.

We arrived there early so of course, photo session for my blog. My man is serious as per usual...but he is fun kind of man actually.

Here are our numbers

Anddd... my new shoes from my love. I love it so much, my Dear.

He loves to be silly sometimes...look at this photo how dare he make us blurred...hahhaa

But, no lah...

As per usual, that silly face that I always love.

Selfie as per usual. I love his smile so much!

I waited for that food truck to open! haha

While wait for that, let's capture this one portrait.

Finally open and he bought us this drink and I love it!

This is how its look like after the food truck open...

Check out my dear's shoes...hahaa, striking as per usual. He loves bright color when come to sport shoes but for casual, he prefer black( fuhh!)

Before we eat snacks, wefie for memories.

I love the view here so let's take a lot of photos. This is how I look before the run...wait until the end to see how I look like after running.

It's raining... loveeee!! I love raining day but I dont love it if I'm inside the car. It's scared me alot.

While waiting for start, there a lot fun thing to do here. One of it is take photos.

My friend and churchmate, Flo.

My love, Maclare.

Our silly time, I love being silly with this man.

And, Albert our friend and churchmate too.

I can't stop laughed at this photos. My dear you're silly!

More pose.

I really can't hide my gemukness here...haha

Please do check my Youtube video for my sillyness here...hhaaaa

This is one of the run track and its so fun here. Check out my YouTube video.

yeahhhh...we at finish line! We did it!
Sorry my dear for not being able to completely running during this running event. I am tired and can't run consistently. Sorry for make us completed the running for 1h 30minutes...hahaa
But, I am having fun with you as always.
I love you, My Dear. Let's go run next time, I will run too.

The half alive of me.

My face after get the medal.

This is the real one... I look terrible...haha
Captured by my love.

Our final photos. Thank you guys for make me run...haha

So, that's all for my fun weekend.

I hope you guys enjoying reading this post.


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