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Hold my tears

24 April 2019

It's a sad day today.
Again, one of my colleagues is leaving again. I try to hold my tears this time but I just can't take it anymore. I miss everyone and it's so sad to see "everyone" is leaving.
I usually write about my personal life here but today, I feel I need to talk about my work today especially about my colleagues. It’s broke my heart whenever I receive the news my colleagues leaving.
Actually, I was broke inside and try to be strong outside.
I know I can't compare the life journey with others but I just can't help do so. Seeing "everyone" move on, its make me the question "what am I doing with my life"?
To be honest, I am scared! so scared!!
But, I really try to be strong, be brave and don't cry ( big girl don't cry!)
Seeing Kisha, Ijan and Naj leaving makes me miss everyone.

Good luck Naj.

SQA big family.

Arrghhh... I miss everyone.


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