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My first time at Keningau, Sabah

18 April 2019

I heard about Keningau before but I can't imagine how its look like. yes, I can google it but seeing it with my own eyes is more worth it. It takes 1hour from Tenom to Keningau, I never know its near...haha. I keep looking my maps when I'm at Sabah. Because I don't really know where am I...haha.
One thing I realized at Sabah, they always have their signature tugu like the first photo.
So, here is my experience at Keningau.
And, today is our 4th anniversary but we are "separated". I went to Keningau for the whole day and my fiance went back to the house to help the preparation. But, I went to his hometown for the first time is my gift for him for our anniversary.

Our lunch of the day.
I rarely eat noodle for lunch here but I did at Sabah. It's weird to eat noodles.

And, we went to find vegetables and I'm very surprised to see all the fresh vegetables from Ranau...waaaa

And girls just being a girl hahaha
We went to bundle with bride to be and my fiance's mother...haha, its just RM5/helai.

After that, we went home with happy heart.


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