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My first time visit my fiance's hometown

17 April 2019

Arghh...April 2019! its eventful month so far. And, one meaningful thing I did this month is I went to my fiance's hometown for the very first time for his brother's wedding and I take this chance to meet his family and his relatives. To be honest, I quite nervous and don't know what to expect as I never been there before. I just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.
So, here is our journey for first day.
We went to airport at 4.30am using Grab and it's cost RM65/ride. Yes, it's super early morning and I can't really open my eyes but I need to. But, my fiance more worst than me. He sleeping while we waiting for our departure. Here is the proof.

Finally, we boarding the flight from KLIA to Labuan. This is our first ever flight together and more to come because I love to go anywhere with this man. The reasons because I feel good and he carried all our luggages...hehe

The view that I always love.

Almost there and I love this view as per usual.

We finally landed in Labuan.

Next, we take speedboat from Labuan to Sipitang. Its my first time experience...whoaa..

Before we went to Sipitang, I finally tasted the Laksa Babi...okay lah.

Then, finally we boarding the speedboat...scary!!

We have arrived/survived at Sipitang and waiting for his family to pick us up. What a experience.

We arrived at his hometown I think around 4pm something...fuh! Now, I know how his journey back home and I'm glad I able to do this with him.

So, thats day 1 at Sabah.

Next is day 2.


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