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So, how's my first trip to Sabah?


How's your trip to Sabah?
I got this question a lot since I come back from my trip to Sabah.
So, I decided to write about it so you will know and I keep the record of this experience on my blog too. Can you believe this is my first time when to Sabah? Sabah just a neighbour of Sarawak but I never been there before. So, finally, I checked Sabah as one state that I ever visited on my list.
Before that, I think I need to give my explanation on this trip as maybe some of you may be curious whether I went there alone with my fiancé? or what the reason I went there?
Firstly, thank you for your concern and you curious. I respect your concern as we are an engaged couple so it's not healthy to see us go on a trip on our own. So, that's why I think I need to share my explanation.
First, I didn't go there with my fiancé alone but along with our friend, Albert. Thank you, Albert.
Second, the reason I went there because of my fiancé brother's wedding day and I feel curious to see his hometown and his family in real life. So, that's why I decided to go.
I'm deeply sorry if this action let you down or you feel it is not right for you.
Without further due, here is my overall Sabah trip experience.

1. I'm scared of riding a boat
You can go to Sabah by direct flight to Kota Kinabalu Airport or you can transit to Labuan airport, it's cheaper from here and near to my fiance' hometown so that why we choose to fly from KL to Labuan.
and ohhh...I'm really scared! the bumpy sea arghhh but I'm glad I do not vomit.

2. Everything and everyone is new
Everywhere and everyone is new to me.
Except for my fiance's family and some of his aunties that come to our engagement. Other than that, everything is new.  The house, the food, the people and the language is new.
Can you believe I cried before I sleep on the first night? I missed my mum so bad. Luckily my fiance's sister didn't come to the room early so didn't found I was crying. I've been so far before but I never cry like this...haha.

3. I love the layback kind of city
I really love the layback kind of city and my fiance's hometown happen to be that layback.
I love it. But, I love that maybe for some duration only, not forever, I still really love KL.

4. I totally scared of animals
Cannot be helped at all!
My fiance's family has 6 dogs and 1 cat. I don't hate them but I just don't use to live with animals so that why I feel not comfortable at all. But, I'm really trying my best. I even googled how to not scared of animals while I'm there. I want to respect their love for animals. Sometimes, I just can't help especially cat. I just can't! For dogs, I can control it a little bit. I still try my best to love them since they are family too.

5. My life definitely going to be very different
Definitely, Aya!
I will definitely go back to his hometown from now so I think my life will be different. It's weird actually as I not used to live like this. I went to someone's hometown...haha. But, if it's my fiance then I will be alright and happy to go.

6. I don't have a chance to explore Sabah
We going back to Sabah this time because of his brother's wedding so we can't explore the city.
But, I did see a lot of area like Sipitang, Keningau, Beaufort, Menumbok, what else? haha. I heard of these name before but not sure how its look like. But after went there, I can imagine now. I can't wait to explore Sabah more as it's my 3rd home now. First is always Sarawak, second is Kajang, Selangor and third is Sabah now.

7. I drink coffee Tenom every day (5 days straight)
Yes, I love it!
I am happy I can finally get so near with coffee....hahaha

8. Love you more
After going to my fiance's hometown, our relationship getting stronger and now, we started the countdown and do preparation for our big day (coming soon!).


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