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What to eat at Tenom, Sabah?

It's my day 2 in Sabah.
I wake up later than my fiance's mother...haha. Actually, I wake up at 5am but I think its too early so I continue sleep than I don't wake up until my fiance's mother knocked on the door...hahaha. So embarrassed! After getting ready, the whole family went to eat breakfast at Pasar Tenom. We went to eat their favourite breakfast menu in Tenom. I don't remember the name. So, if you from Tenom you definitely recognize this and know this.
This is the view of his kampung. Almost the same like mine but just the house sangat jarak, no nearby neighbours lah.

Who take photo here? hahaha
Me lah.

This is the food! Its yummy!

I will continue my day 2 journey on different post.


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