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#keriitletoweddingprep : I wish...

Hi there!
It's time for an update regarding my wedding preparation.
This time, I will update how I feel toward the important event in my life.
I wish somebody ever tell me real situation or what is really feel to get married. I wish I know what really happens. I got my sisters and friends that getting married before me but I never know what they really feel. Let's be honest, I thought I will over the moon(super happy all the time) when I'm in this stage because I'm going to marry the man that I choose and love. Yes, I'm over the moon but I don't know why there's a different kind of feeling. I feel crazy! am I normal?
I miss my parent so badly, like crazy!
Oh God! I do always miss them every day but as months go by and it's getting near, I miss them so bad. I can cry whenever I think of them, I can't hold my tears anymore. It's not I'm not happy toward this married thing but I just miss them so badly, like crazy. Life definitely will change, right? But, I am still "anak We'". Its not like I go away very far from them but just feel that way. I don't know if this is normal or what?!
For ex bride to be, can you share your opinion about this? this is normal? or am I think too much?
Please do share your thoughts on below comment.

Thank You and love,
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