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Lessons I get from Avengers:Endgame movie

We are able to watch Avengers: Endgame movie last night! Yeah!! so excited!
We went to see it with our church friends. Some of them already watch it before, some of them already watch its three times, whoaaa! You know you are! haha.
I know a lot of people talked about this movie and I also like others I can't wait to see it and what's is really like. I'm not going to share any spoiler here but I just want to share the lessons I get from Avengers: Endgame.
Without further due, here are the lessons.
1. Sacrifices
My heart aches whenever there are sacrifices scenes. I had to admit that, sacrifices is one of the hardest things to do in this life, especially for our loved one, friends and family. But, sometimes in this life, we need to make a sacrifice in order to get what we want and in order to make our loved one happy. T_T

2. Give it try
Another important lesson I get is always giving it try! You never know what will happen if you never try. Don't afraid to try to make it happen.

3. There always hope
No matter how the past looks like, there will be always HOPE. Never lose hope.

4. Trust
In our life, we need to trust especially our loved. In order to make it happen, you need to trust people around you.

5. Everything is possible when there's teamwork.
No matter how hard something, everything will be possible when there teamwork.

6. I love you 3000 times.
I love this quote! so cute!
Love your love one 3000 times.
 I love you 3000 times, my dear!

Can't believe I already watch the movie.
I did feel wanna cry last night but I'm not that emotional so I choose to think what lessons I have learned from the movie.
Finally, I am so happy I can enjoy the movie with my loved one. I love to see the happy face of his during the movie and after the movie. He loves Avengers! I love it too and I'm glad I can join the enjoyment.


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