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Mental health awareness

16 May 2019

Hi there~
First of all, thank you for visiting and read my blog.
Today, I will share a heavy topic. I think I really need to talk about this.
If you follow me on my IG (@keriitleto), you already know that, on my previous week, I did share about I feel so depressed because there are so many things to think of, to handle and I feel so messed up. I usually talk about anything with my fiancĂ© but that week I've told him I really feeling empty and lost but I don't know why and what. Still, I turned to social media and share about my struggling but not too much because I want to cover up. I want the show that I am struggling or I'm not okay. I am really not okay. 
I messaged two of my best friend ( Marina and Usun), I told them how I feel. Thank God I've best friends that always understand me. At the same time, one of my good friend,  Gogila also messages me to ask me whether I'm okay or not. I really appreciate it. It makes me realise to be more aware of what happens in my friend life. It's not I posted on social media for attention but I feel a bit relieved when I shared there. But, still I want to find the real solution for my life issue so I message my friends and ask for help.
We can't deny the power of social media nowadays. This week a lot of terrible news like...

The suicide of a 16-year-old teenager in Batu Kawa, Sarawak
Celebrity cheating on his wife ( I can't believe I follow this...haha)
The killing nurse at Hospital Serdang...
Terrorism attempt...
PTPTN issue or whatever... 

I think the world is about to explode!
The one that really catches my mind, the suicide of a 16-year-old teenager in Batu Kawa, Sarawak. 
When I'm reading the news and details the story, oh my God! She just 16 years old. She apparently committed suicide, after 69% of pollsters on her Instagram account supported her decision to end her own life. Nowadays, everyone actively on social media. Whenever there's a problem in their life, most people will tend to share it on social media just to 'relief' their problems but actually, the reality is not relieved at all. The problems are still there. So, when there are problems, don't try to relieve it on social media. I know, it's your choice and it is up to you on how you handle your life problems but everyone wants the solution for every problem we faced in our life so need to find the real solution for real problems.
Now, the things already happen and the teenager already has gone ( condolences to family).
So for us, there lesson that we can get from this matter is, I will break it into two categories.
The one that feels not okay
1. Take care of your mental health
Don't think too much.
I know it seems very easy to say that word. I've been so messed up last time and I can't stop think and blame myself.

2. Please do seek help when you feel hopeless
Those in trouble or need someone to talk to can call the Befrienders KL at 03-7956 8145, 04-281 5161/1108 (Penang), 05-547 7933/7955 (Ipoh) or email
For Christian Youth, you can find me on Facebook or Instagram ( Keriitleto).

3. Please be aware of your posting
If she/he posting something depressed or dangerous, please contact her.

4. Keep active
Don't be alone. Go out with friends or family.

5. Keep in touch
Whenever there are problems, don't try to avoid friends or family, please keep in touch.

6. Take a break
Life can be some overwhelming sometimes, so take a break!

7. Do something that you good/ make you feel good
For me, I love eating so whenever I feel stressed...arghhh, I will eat so much. That makes me feel good. But, usually, I will blog. It makes me feel really good.

8. There's HOPE
Don't forget, you still have HOPE!!
God is in control.

The one that knows your friend is not okay.
If you have a friend that having a problem, here what we should do.

Please make time to listen to your friends. No harm when you listen to others. 
Always make time to listen to your friends/family no matter how silly is that.

2. Care
Care about people around you. We don't know what's going inside their heart so care to each other.

3. Aware
Please please be aware of your friends too. Don't just care but aware! Whenever they posted something on social media, if the post seems something wrong or depressed, please reach them out by message or reply.

I hope this article will help someone that feel depressed now and help us aware of our surrounding.

Thank you for read my blog.


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