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Mother's day special : My best memories with my mum(We')

It's Mother's day 2019!
I am away again for this Mother's day. I have been away almost time in my life. I never celebrate Mother's day with my mum, to be honest. This year will be my last single women and will be married soon ( if God willing) and here I am, away from mum again. I feel so bad until I think, if I know my future will be always away from my mum, I will never want to work so hard for it. Maybe you think, I can just buy a flight tickets and go see my mum. It's easy, right? But, I am facing the consequences of my choice now. I choose to live my life away from my family and this is the result! taste it now.
Since I can't go back, I want to share on my blog my best memories with my mum( We'). I called my mum as We', it's a mother in Bahasa Kenyah. I hope this post will be inspired you to remember your best memories with mum.

Go jalan-jalan at Langkawi Island
Oh what the best memories I ever had.

Bring my mum to shop what she want at Bintulu
But, she never buys whatever she wants as she thinks it's waste of money.

My convocations
The day I never forgot.
I wish I can do it again and make my parent proud of me.

Every Christmas in my life
I never skip any Christmas with mum and family after I working and hopefully never skip. I hope my future husband will be understood that this is so important for me to celebrate Christmas with mum and family every year.

Celebrate your birthday
I still remember that day. The cake is blue, we sang happy birthday, we eat so much good food and there smile on your face.

My school holiday ( when she prepare the tung ubi, lia akau and etc)
What good memories I ever had. Never forget the taste of the food.

My engagement day
I'm the happiest this day. It's my special day and I know you feel sad as your favourite is getting married. But, you do your best to make me happy.

See your SMILE
I rarely saw this as I am away from you and sometimes I never make you smile. I am really sorry, Mum!

Mum, I never know how my life without you. I feel really bad for always make you sad and disappointed you. I never make you truly happy and I feel really bad. I am such a bad daughter.
I know you can't read this and I can't wait for your call. I miss you so badly, I wanna go home. I'm sorry mum I always can't be whatever you want.
I wish I can turn back the time and undo my choice. I thought I will be fine being far away but I am not. I miss you every day, We'. It's so hard. I wish I take time to listen and consider your opinion about my choice but I am selfish. I'm sorry.

If you live or near your mum now, take time to hug her and say thank you.
Mum(We') I love you with all of my heart.

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