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Ready or knot?

17 May 2019

I’m sorry for not post about this article as I promised on IG. I posted about mental awareness among Youth. You can read it on previous post.
Also, since marriage topic is serious topic so I want to read many times what I write before I post it. Its sound serious but yes it is. So, on this post I will share my perspective of marriage.
If you asked me, how do I feel for this moment?
Honestly, I am nervous and don’t know if we can make it until the big day. A lot of thing can happen, right? But, my prayers every day is we can make it and everything will go smoothly.

What is marriage to me?
Marriage is a covenant relationship between one man and one women that gives a picture of Christ’s loving relationship with His bride, the church.

What makes a great marriage?
Since I’m too nervous for this marriage, I choose to spend my every morning to read marriage devotional. It the only way I calm my nervousness.
So, here what I learn so far from the devotional. What makes a great marriage.
God did not create marriage to make you happy. Happiness might be the by product of a godly marriage, but God never promised that marriage will make you happy. No human relationship will ever fulfill you, bring you ultimate happiness, or complete you.
If you don’t have a biblical view of marriage, then you are likely to seek a way out once your spouse disappoints you. You will have unmet expectations. Your spouse will let you down and you will let your spouse down. When this happens, your foundational view of marriage will impact the actions you take and the way you respond. Because God’s love for you is not dependent on your actions, your commitment to your spouse shouldn’t be either.
Building the foundation to a life-long marriage requires a willingness to tackle the hard topics with your significations other before the vows are exchanged.

Now, I’m in the most important stage in my life.
I surrender everything to God. I don’t know what will happen. If its happen, I am grateful and always do my best. If its not happen, I’m thankful too. I always know God’s plan is better.
But, I secretly cry and down if its not happen ( sorry God). I am human after all. What can I do now is pray and work hard to make it happen and really get ready for this next level of life.
Finally, please bring us in your prayers. We surrender everything to God.


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