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The simple thing that make me happy

Happy Monday!
As per usual I feel Monday blues! 
It's a long and busy day and I love it! I rather being busy than boring.
But, sometimes I wonder why Monday become Monday blues? Do you know why? if you know, please comment below.
So, to cure my Monday blues, I love to think about what I did with my fiance on the weekend.
One of the best things I did on weekend is going accompany (teman) my fiance at the barbershop. I love going there with him, it's our monthly to-do now. I love going there with him because I got to see the process of him becoming a handsome man and the first one witnessed it...haha. I love the feeling of seeing him with a fresh new look and he is my man!
So, here is the photo of him at barbershop this month. I love to share this journey every month.

As always, my love always camera shy!
I love take a candid shots of him and laugh at him after that.
This is simple thing that make me happy!

I love you,my dear!

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