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Happy Pre Father's Day

Happy Pre Father's Day to my love, Maclare.
You're not yet as a father but my prayers every day that you'll be the great father to our future kids and our family. I'm always your loved one and our family always become your priority. 
I really don't know how the journey will look like but if it's you so I will go for it. I know we're not perfect and have our own weakness but I love it when you still say you love me and even more despite all that. I can't promise anything because I hate to break the promise but let's love each other no matter what will happen.
When the first time I decided to go on this journey with you, I think whether this is correct decision? Then, I just imagine my future kids will having a great father if it's you. I love your smile and your good heart. I just love you more than I ever feel that the first time.
When I asked you what you want in your life last time,
You told me " Bring people to God and be a good father and husband".
How can I say no to this?
I love you, My dear. 
I pray that we can celebrate this meaningful event next year. For now, let's make memories.

 I love you my dear,Maclare.



I need to calm down

Have you heard about this song yet?
If no, search Taylor Swift on your YouTube or Spotify now.
For me, this song is really appropriate for my life situation for this moment. My head just have a lot of thing to think now and it's messy. I can't stop myself from thinking so I need to tell myself to calm down. I really NEED TO CALM DOWN.
My work life is really stressed me, my anxiety is come again and I can't sleep every night. I nervous everyday BUT I won't let this to control me! I will try my best to overcome my anxiety about my work and be brave in everything I do in my work. I need to brave to face it!
My personal life is even scarier! hahaha
I don't know where the peaceful place now. But, I want this to happen so I need to go through it!
Okay, back to this song...
I'm not hardcore Taylor Swift fan but I love some of her songs and this one the latest.
When you watched the MV, it's about LGBT people. To be honest, I am not supporting that LGBT community, I'm sorry.
I'm not racist, I appreciate human being but I'm not support this community. I love them as a human as God command us to love your neighbour and God also command that, we can't be a woman if you're man and vice versa. Don't change what God already prepare for you. I'm sorry if my statement offended some of you.
But, this kind of issue seems become common lately. I am traditional human. I just can accept man-woman relationship and other than that, I'm not accept it. Yes, you can called me kolot but that me. 
My message here, don't try to change what God how God create you. 

Peace and Love,


Still your no.1 fan

In Aug 2017, I post about his first-time experience playing the drum at our church, you can read my fangirling article here
Fast forward, June 2019, I am grateful I'm able to witnessed and still his no.1 fan and I admire the passion and hard work to able to play the drum. He tries to get out of his comfort zone which is playing the keyboard.
Keep it up my dear!
I always be your no.1 fan. 



#keriitletokitchen: Cara-cara membuat donut gebu pasti jadi

I finally know how to make the donut! yeahhh!!! and its really 'menjadi!'.
It's super easy and it's my mum's style and my sister learned from her...why am I left out?? hahaa.Lesson learned, ask mum how to make it hahaa.
Its gebu just like I wanted!
So, here is the recipe. Please try and let me know if not jadi jugak okay?


Hi there~
It's been such a long time since my last update regarding KERIITLETO PHOTOGRAPHY my baby love.
Some of you may be curious about what happens to KERIITLETO PHOTOGRAPHY?
I've been disappearing or stop doing photography since late of last year. I'm not stopping doing what I love.
Before that, thank you so much for keep interested in my passion. I totally appreciate your love toward my creative work.
I never stop doing photography but I take a break because of the wedding preparation and my camera is broken and it's hard to replace with the new one now as my financial focus is different. I will never forget my passion and things make me happy so I really hope I can resume back to do my passion after my wedding.
So, if you still interested to hire me for your photo shoot or event after September 2019, you can contact me via WhatsApp ( Aya - +60192872023) or Instagram ( @keriitleto.photography/@keriitleto)

If you want to check out the services and the price, you can check below.
Note : Please note that, this price is not include the travel fee and accomodations. It's depends on your wedding location. 

Service 1 : Wedding Day ( at church only)
Price : RM850
Deposit : 50% ( RM425)
What you'll get?
- Unlimited photos
- Professional editing photos
- 1 USB of photos

Service 2 : Wedding Day (Church + Reception)
Price: RM1000
Deposit : 50% ( RM500)
What you'll get?
- Unlimited photos
- Professional editing photos
- 2 USBs/15GB Google Drive FREE

Service 3 : Wedding preparation ( 1 day before wedding) + wedding day ( church+ reception)
Price : RM2500
Deposit : RM1,250 (Negotiable)
What you'll get?
- Unlimited photos
- Professional editing photos
- 2 USBs/15GB Google Drive FREE
- A album ( worth RM200)
- After wedding photoshoot

Service 4: Family/Convocation/Engagement/Birthday
Price : RM350
What you'll get?
- Unlimited photos
- Professional editing photos
- 1 USB
- 15GB Google Drive FREE

Here are my Keriitleto Photography Social Media, please click to check my portfolio.
Instagram : @keriitleto.photography 
Website : http://www.keriitleto.com ( Click on Photography)

Thank you so much for keep your interest in Keriitleto Photography.



Wardãh skincare review

Hi there~
You remember my last post regarding my new try on products. 
You can find here.
I really wanted to try new skincare as the current I'm using is quite expensive and high maintenance even though my skin is super good using it. 
To save my money, I try other skincare products.
So, I thought maybe my skin will be okay. The problems is I don't know what products to try since I there's many out there. I met my cousin at her house that day and I found she got new skincare product and it's Wardãh! She said its not bad and quite good also most importantly, it's not expensive.
Then, I bought a Wardãh skincare. I really hope it's work on my skin.
BUT, after few days using it, my skin feel 'hot' after use it. I knew it already, it's not suitable for my skin.

So, my final verdict are I CAN'T USE THESE PRODUCTS!!
In case you interested to try these, you can comment below.



Our wedding


Don't stay the same but change for better

Hi there!
I started a new month with a very pack schedule. I wake up early morning and we went for breakfast at Pandan Indah. We used to come here during our dating time to eat here because it's nearby my fiance's home. 
After breakfast, we went to Puchong to buy lamps at Houses of Lighting. I bought lamps for my family at kampung. We supposed to bring the lamps to my bro in law since he going back to Miri but his luggage is overweight so we cancelled so I'm going to post it soon. 
After that, we come back home for a while, eat our late lunch and then go out again to fetch HUKM students. We going to lead the prayers today. I'm really grateful for this cell group because I never have this experience before when I'm studying. I just go on my own. We don't really have a cell group.
As you can see on the photo above, yes I am sharing words of God. I really love this experience because I got to practice how to overcome my public speaking. I am really bad at public speaking actually, I get nervous easily but as time goes by, I think I have overcome this now. I still feel nervous but not so much, still can be brave. I really love this.

Thanks to JFC family, the decoration for Hari Gawai and Kaamatan is so beautiful!

Okay, here is our breakfast. This is wantan mee..

My morning will be complete with coffee.

My dear's breakfast, I don't remember the name.

He drink Tiger in the morning???
No no...never ever k syg? not good for health and life.

Since my food come first and I'm hungry, I eat first! Yummmm....

Mission completed!

If you looking for where to buy affordable lighting for your house, you can go here. 
Houses of Lighting, Puchong.
The service is good and fast.

My leftover nescafe iced...

So, that's how my 1st June going. A very hectic day but I love it!