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Don't stay the same but change for better

01 June 2019

Hi there!
I started a new month with a very pack schedule. I wake up early morning and we went for breakfast at Pandan Indah. We used to come here during our dating time to eat here because it's nearby my fiance's home. 
After breakfast, we went to Puchong to buy lamps at Houses of Lighting. I bought lamps for my family at kampung. We supposed to bring the lamps to my bro in law since he going back to Miri but his luggage is overweight so we cancelled so I'm going to post it soon. 
After that, we come back home for a while, eat our late lunch and then go out again to fetch HUKM students. We going to lead the prayers today. I'm really grateful for this cell group because I never have this experience before when I'm studying. I just go on my own. We don't really have a cell group.
As you can see on the photo above, yes I am sharing words of God. I really love this experience because I got to practice how to overcome my public speaking. I am really bad at public speaking actually, I get nervous easily but as time goes by, I think I have overcome this now. I still feel nervous but not so much, still can be brave. I really love this.

Thanks to JFC family, the decoration for Hari Gawai and Kaamatan is so beautiful!

Okay, here is our breakfast. This is wantan mee..

My morning will be complete with coffee.

My dear's breakfast, I don't remember the name.

He drink Tiger in the morning???
No no...never ever k syg? not good for health and life.

Since my food come first and I'm hungry, I eat first! Yummmm....

Mission completed!

If you looking for where to buy affordable lighting for your house, you can go here. 
Houses of Lighting, Puchong.
The service is good and fast.

My leftover nescafe iced...

So, that's how my 1st June going. A very hectic day but I love it!


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