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I need to calm down

19 June 2019

Have you heard about this song yet?
If no, search Taylor Swift on your YouTube or Spotify now.
For me, this song is really appropriate for my life situation for this moment. My head just have a lot of thing to think now and it's messy. I can't stop myself from thinking so I need to tell myself to calm down. I really NEED TO CALM DOWN.
My work life is really stressed me, my anxiety is come again and I can't sleep every night. I nervous everyday BUT I won't let this to control me! I will try my best to overcome my anxiety about my work and be brave in everything I do in my work. I need to brave to face it!
My personal life is even scarier! hahaha
I don't know where the peaceful place now. But, I want this to happen so I need to go through it!
Okay, back to this song...
I'm not hardcore Taylor Swift fan but I love some of her songs and this one the latest.
When you watched the MV, it's about LGBT people. To be honest, I am not supporting that LGBT community, I'm sorry.
I'm not racist, I appreciate human being but I'm not support this community. I love them as a human as God command us to love your neighbour and God also command that, we can't be a woman if you're man and vice versa. Don't change what God already prepare for you. I'm sorry if my statement offended some of you.
But, this kind of issue seems become common lately. I am traditional human. I just can accept man-woman relationship and other than that, I'm not accept it. Yes, you can called me kolot but that me. 
My message here, don't try to change what God how God create you. 

Peace and Love,

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