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#keriitletowedding: Update update update...

26 July 2019

Hi there~
I can't believe it's already almost the end of July! Oh my God...
So, that's mean our big day is approaching and it's getting really near.
To be honest, my life is really hectic right now! During my weekday, I was busy with my never-ending challenging work and I like that. I don't want to get bored at work too.
And, by night and weekend, I will busy planning and making preparations for the wedding.
Sometimes I can't take it, I get sick easily and feel tired as I can't really keep up with what's going on in my life now. But, I really try my best now. This moment just comes once, so I really want to enjoy it and do my best.
Today, I feel like I wanna give an update of #keriitletowedding, maybe some of you curious about it or not but I'm going to tell you the update too, you have no choice...haha.
I have a lot of updates actually but I don't want to reveal anything right now, we want everything is under wrapped and we will reveal everything after our wedding.
But, what can I update now is everything is on schedule and we need your prayers so this big event will go smoothly.
Most importantly, come visit my blog after the wedding day, okay?
I will definitely update everything at that time.
For now, let's wait and let me enjoy the preparation time with my love.

Aya- future Mrs.Maclare <3

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