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Weekend memories July 2019

06 July 2019

This is my weekend memories last week.
I think this will be our last outing with the youth ministry as a engaged couples. Please bring us in your prayers. In future, we planned to still active in Youth Ministry, maybe we will involved in both Youth and married ministry, I'm not sure.
For now, let's enjoy the moment. 
The best thing about this trip is I GOT TO EAT DURIANS!!
I really love durian and just can't stop eat it. I even bring couple of durian back to KL and my fiancé said our car will be smelly but I don't care!

My naughty boy!
This will be our kids will look like, dear? hahaha
and rambutans! arghhhh love it!
eating durian everywhere, anytime...super love this experience.

Go back to nature really make me forget my challenging work for a moment.
Life must go on after all.


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