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Keriitleto Bridal shower

24 August 2019

Finally, I have something exciting to share on my blog.
I've been so negative for this past few weeks. I've been so stressed out with my work and my life progress as well. It's been tough weeks for me. On Saturday, it's getting harder for me as my mum and my brother going back to Sarawak, I feel terrible. I miss them so hard. I cried shamelessly on our way back from the airport. I think it's my first time cry when I with my fiancé...maluuuu..
On the same day, my church friends arranged the bridal shower for me and my church friend, Jue. Thankfully they arranged this event because if not, I will go back home and crying so hard on my own. At least, I occupied myself so I will eventually forget my sadness.To everyone that come and celebrate, thank you so much! You ladies really make my day. I'm sorry for arrived late, it's my bad.Personally, I feel overwhelmed by this event.
Lastly, I'm thankful that I come to that season in my life. I never thought I will ever come here, I know someday but I never expect this year and I never thought there will be somebody that loves me more( God loves me more lah...hehe).
For single ladies out there, don't you worry about who you'll end up with, keep pray and go socialize, don't just wait "tunggu jodoh jatuh dari langit."
And, here are many photos from the bridal shower. Enjoy~

Thank you for visit my blog.


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