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#keriitletowedding: Our wedding invitation card story

02 August 2019

Halo there!
It's 1st August and it's time to share and sending the wedding invitation card to family and friends.
And, at the same time, I'm getting really nervous and excited. But, still, pray hard for it as the journey is getting harder and challenging. 
I created our wedding invitation using a template I purchased from The price is just RM16. Actually, it's 4 pages but due to our budget for printing is not much, so we decided to print front and back just like what you see now.

We printed 500 cards.
Actually I don't preferred card, I mean hardcopy but sometimes need to follow the old way because not everyone is online and that online version is hard to keep. It will be gone as the day goes by but this hardcopy will be always be there, just like it is.
I even bring the envelope to office and 'lipat' it during lunch time. I skipped lunch to do so.
And, since my mum is here, she helped me too.
Not in picture is my man and even my family ( Amy, mummy...) also helped to 'lipat'. I forgot to take photo as I need to finish it...hahha, menyesalllll

The feeling is just get real now!
I know it's just a card but its something very important in my life. We already start to distributed the cards to our family and friends. I just can't believe this happening now...haha but still pray hard for this event.
Please bring this event in your prayers too.


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