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10 days to go | It shall be pass

Oh wow!
10 days to go before our wedding and we are still here in KL?!! hahaha
We want to finish up the ICON19 Conference. It's a Christian Young Adult Conference in KL, we don't want to miss this conference. Last year we went as well and we are blessed and inspired to do beyond what we have done before. This year, we come back and it's our last single status...haha. Thank God!
There's so many questions and confusing questions has been answered during this conference. Personally, I am really really blessed, learn a lot and ditegur dengan banyak sekali. 
One thing that I really catch during this conference is God is still the same, God is faithful!
My prayers,
our wedding will go smoothly
our wedding will have enough
overall, we wanna God will make a way for our wedding to happen.
In Jesus name,



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