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7 days to go | Awww...these people

12 September 2019

This bunch of people really move my heart.
I went to see my friends ( most of them are my ex-colleagues) but I'm glad we are friends now. It's a really short moment but I really every single moment of the meeting. I missed you ladies so much!
Thanks for make me realized I'm the youngest and almost last to end my single status. Last should be Ijan now...haha, I wait for that time to come.
I'm grateful for meeting you guys in one season in my life.
You guys witnessed some of the events in my life. Some people said, you can't share your personal life with your colleagues but I treat them as my friends so usually I will share with them. I know my limit too, don't worry!
Thanks, ladies for making time to celebrate my single time and belated birthday for Maz and K.Gogi. I enjoyed a single moment of that meeting.
Lastly, love you guys so much!


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