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Monthsary Stories: First monthsary

19 October 2019

Happy Saturday!
Today is our first monthsary as a husband and wife...puji Tuhan (Thanks to God!).
So, you must be curious, how's life? hahahhaaa
Okay, I will share with you guys the reality of getting married! What I feel different now compared to my single life.

1. Need to wake up early
I'm not a morning person.I'm hardly wake up early. But, I need to fetch my husband to go to nearby MRT station every morning because he use the public transport to go to work and his work place is very far from our home...huhu. So, every morning on weekday,  I need to wake up no matter what. Honestly, there's one morning, I just can't wake up even after my husband wake me up many times and the consequences is my husband is late for work...huhu. Now, I really try my best to wake up early so my husband not late go to work again. 

2. Need to cook 
I really bad at this one! When I lived alone, I rarely cook for myself as I don't really like to eat alone and sometimes I come back late from work so no time to cook so that become a habit. Now, since I lived with my husband and he is breakfast at home kind of person, so I need to prepare breakfast every morning and at evening, I need to prepare dinner for us. This past one month, I've been cook a lot, I hope my cooking is improving!

3. Its feel weird when my husband is not around
The house is feel empty. I dont like this one. So, to avoid this happen, wherever he go, I will go..clingy punya wife...haha but just I hate empty home.

4. I got friend for life 
This one is something that I love about our marriage, we got friend for life. I got somebody that always there for me and loved me for who am I.

5. Together
Whatever happen, always do it together and be together. We both are not a perfect person so there's sometimes we argued about something but before the day end or before we sleep, we say sorry to each other. As for me, I can't bear to get angry to my husband...haha, as for him, I think I'm so stubborn..haha

So, that's it! I can't give you TMI.
What I can say is my marriage life is being amazing so far. Thanks to God. I love being married to the man I love and loved me. I know its too early to say this now and I am aware that there's a lot of challenges and unexpected events coming but I believe in my husband we will do this together and I trust God that the best yet to come.
For now, let's enjoy the moment.
Be happy always.
Be a better person each day.

Lastly, for young people out there...
Marriage is something worth to wait. Don't waste your young time to do something that ruin your future. God is preparing the best for you and you need to wait and obey what God do in your life.

When looking for love, use your heart and mind well.- Aya 

What do you guys think about marriage? Please share your opinion with me on comment section. I love to hear it.

Mrs Maclare aka Madame Aya

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