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Marriage registration process in Semenanjung for Non Muslim Borneo people

12 October 2019

It's 8/October/2019 and it's a very important date in our life. We finally register our marriage officially. Thanks to God.
As I shared on my IG (@keriitleto), I will share the process of marriage registration ( Borneo version). It's quite different so I think it's good for me to share this.
First of all, I think there will be 3 cases which are,
Case 1: Sarawak & Sabah
Case 2 : Sarawak & Sarawak
Case 3: Sabah & Sabah
For case no.2 & 3, you both can choose to register whether in Semenanjung or you going back to Sabah/Sarawak. If you decide to register in Semenanjung, you can follow this guide.
For our case, since we come from different state( my husband from Sabah and I'm from Sarawak) so either register our marriage at Sabah or Sarawak. But, since we are lived here in Semenanjung and we want to save our wedding money, we decided to register our marriage here.
If your case just like ours, you can use this guide.

Step 1: Change the address in your IC
- Go to JPN early so can finish on the same date.
- Bring your electric bills/ water bill that contain your home address, JPN need this.
For our case,  we went to JPN Putrajaya to change our address in our IC first.

Step 2 : Fill in marriage registration form at JPN
Since our IC address at Kajang, so we need to go to JPN Kajang and fill in the marriage registration form there. After that, they will 'gantung nama'/ put your marriage application form in notice board at JPN for 21 days. After 21 days, you need to go to JPN again to collect the form. If you want to do 'angkat sumpah' at same JPN, you can book date there but for our case, we want to do at Putrajaya, so I need to bring that form to JPN Putrajaya and next step.

Step 3: Book date for official marriage registration
Since we want to do our 'angkat sumpah' at JPN Putrajaya, so I bring the form here and book the date. For our case, we want to angkat sumpah after our marriage at church. So, we do it after 19.9.19.

Step 4: "Angkat sumpah" day
Tips: Here you can bring all people that you wanted to bring. Also you can wear your gown and bring your bouquet too.
When the angkat sumpah date is coming, you can go to JPN and bring the form that you get from step 3, copy of ICs, your witness's IC and witness itself.

After step 4, you are officially married. Yay!

Below are the glimpse of Putrajaya Marriage room and some of our photos while we are there.

So, that's all for the process.
If you have further question, you can comment below or can email me at
I hope this sharing is useful for you and you can share with your friends or family that need to know this as well.

Thank you for reading and visit my blog.


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