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My wedding dress story

02 October 2019

Hello there!
Finally, I can share about my wedding dress on my blog.
I didn't share details before because I want to keep it for after the wedding. I don't want to brag so much about it before the wedding.
As I promised, I will share the where I get my inspiration, the price, the process, how I feel about my wedding dress and lastly, I will share my advice to the bride to be on how to choose your wedding dress.
Without further due, let's digging and enjoy this long post.

1. Wedding dress inspiration
I list down what I want and one that always come in my mind is minimalist and simple. So, I look for minimalist wedding dress and I found one that just like I want.

2. Designing stage
After I know what I want, so I designed it myself.

3. Measuring stage
After that, I went to see the tailor.

4. First fitting
My first fitting of the dress. I really love it but my fiancé want me to add a little lace.
Also, I ask the tailor to modify the front because its too sheer and make the front a bit longer.

5. Modification stage
The second fitting is not goes well. I stressed out how it turn out. I want just like the first fitting but time constraint and my tailor availablitty make it possible to undo it. I feel like wanna 'die!" because of my wedding dress. So, my fiancé bring me to the tailor to modify the dress to be just like what I want.

6. Second fitting
After 2 weeks, the dress is finish. Thanks God, I love it and it really turned to what I want!! Haleluyah!

I am so happy with my wedding dress. I'm so proud of myself for making this dress with love.
My wedding dress just cost less than RM500 ( kain and the tailor cost). I buy my own wedding dress kain and everything on Hari Raya promotion so I can get more cheap.

Before I end this post, as I promised I will share the advice to bride to be on wedding dress.
- Know what you want
- Wear what you confidence with
- Dont be afraid to tell your tailor what you want even its hard to say it.
- Always stay firm on what you want
- Don't forget to ask your fiancé what he want you to look like hehee, get him involved

I hope these advice help you on your wedding dress hunting.


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