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My wedding guide 2019

31 October 2019

Happy Day~
Finally, the good thing comes to end. This is the last series of my wedding post on my blog. I need to move on. I love to share about our wedding but you'll be bored and this blog will be not about lifestyle blog but wedding blog, right?
This time, I will share every single detail of our wedding. Hopefully it will be useful for bride to be/groom to be.

[1] Bride
- Kain from Nagoya & 
- My wedding dress designed by me, made by Sis Fong
- Shoes from Vincci
- Veils designed and made by Bung
- Headband from Shopee
- Earring from Lovisa

[2] Groom/My husband
- His attire from Smart Master
- Shoes from Bata
- Bow tie from Shopee

- To find your idea, go to
- Always go for what you want.
- Go for what you can afford

- All kain from Nagoya
- Flowers from Nilai 3
- Cake DIYed by me and all bahan2 from Nilai 3

Talented Avettar Photographer.
You can his portfolio here.

Ena & her team
You can check them out on FB here.

Thank you, everyone, for prayers and support ( direct or indirect way).


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