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Never forget our roots - Kenyah + Lundayeh

28 October 2019

Happy Monday~
This is the second last of our wedding series. After this, I will stop spamming you guys with our wedding, okay? We will move on so for time being, please bear with me ya and enjoy this post.
When we plan our wedding, we also planned to do the traditional event as we don't want to forget our roots. I am Kenyah women and my husband is Lundayeh man, so we really want to appreciate our roots on our wedding day. 
Usually, the traditional event will behold during the night but we don't want to do it like usual. We always against the usual...hahaa.
So, we do it a few hours after our wedding. What a crazy idea! Honestly, it's super tired but thankful everything went smoothly.
This is our "pelamin" at my house, super simple! as we know we will not use this place for main event so no need to have extravaganza decorations.

My husband in his Lundayeh outfit.

Then start the exchange gift from my husband's family to my family

After that, from my family to my husband's family.
We gave them Oleng and Saong.

Photo sessions

Then quick change for next outfit... This time I'm wearing my traditional clothes, Ta'a

Arghhh... kancet time!

Kancet from my uncle

Kancet from my husband's cousin

Kancet from my uncle

Kancet from my cousin

Datun julut from my aunty

 Again, thank you so much everyone for help make our dream come true!


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