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Our most awkward post-wedding photos

Happy Friday!
I just received our wedding photos from our photographer yesterday so family and friends, get ready for overloaded wedding photos and story on my blog and social media! Don't forget to get your coffee and enjoy scrolling. 
This time, I want to share our post wedding photoshoot.Our awkawrd post photoshoot...haha. We rarely take photos together like this actually so its awkward lah especially doing the couple pose. Yes, I know, I posing a lot but by myself and tripod, not with real photographer and one handsome man beside me...hahaha. That why I agreed to do post wedding photoshoot because if pre wedding, arghhh I'm dying awkward and waste our money... okay, enough about that!! kasi malu photographer and blogger saja i ni... what I want to say here is I can pose by myself confidentally but a bit awkward when with this handsome man...bergetar jiwa and always want to laugh...hahaha.
I choose this location because this bridge is one view that I love in my kampung( I love the mountains too but due to haze season so this one cannot).
I've been dreaming to take my wedding photos at this bridge because this bridge is full of memories for me.
So, enjoy our post wedding photos...
Don't laugh at me for the last photo okay? 

I told you...don't laugh at me...hahhaa
I remember how this feel hahahhaaa
Thankfully I can tahan and do this pose...ahhaha

I hope you guys enjoy this post.
What do you guys think?



  1. Hi, I just wanna ask. Your wedding dress really looks blue-ish in person or the photograph tone colour makes it looked that way?

    1. Hi,
      Ohh..I think the photograph tone color make it look blue-ish...
      in reality, its white.. :)


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