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Chaos and beautiful morning

26 October 2019

Happy Saturday family and friends!
Yeahhh...officially the long weekend is here so I can spam you guys with our wedding photos. I'm excited to share every moment with you guys here as some of you can't attend our wedding last month. For today, I will share our wedding preparations wedding. Personally, I love this moment. One trivia, I can't believe that I will 'mandi sungai' on my wedding day because we don't have running water on the day. So, no choice I need to mandi sungai with my bridesmaid. This is something that I will never forget in my life.
My feeling before the wedding was woww...we finally made it! I just can't wait the moment to come and so excited at the same time. So, here is the photos.

1. Man shoes
After we decide on the suit colour, then we decide on a shoe colour.
Since my husband suit in navy blue so we need to buy brown shoes. He love it too.

2. My wedding shoes
I will forever proud of this 'ladies'!
I bought it at Vincci with my husband and at first, my husband seems don't like it because of its look plain but I have a plan. I DIY-ed it to be look like this. What do you think?

Tips for buying wedding shoes,
- Buy shoes that match with the suit
- You love it
- Buy shoes first before dress because you need to make sure the dress length is suitable with the shoes
- Always buy shoes that make you feel confident and comfortable

3. Our rings holder
This one is really meaningful for me.
As this idea come to life thanks to my colleague, Syera. I asked her where can I buy something like this and what she think of this idea... I love this until now.
Thanks to my second sister for make it beyond what I think.

4. Makeup
First of all, I would like to say big thanks to my cousin, Ena and her team for do our make up!
I really love it and I really appreciate it. 
Trivia: this is my first time having heavy make up.

Please excuse our messy home during the morning of our wedding

Its his first time doing make up too.
You look handsome my dear...

Mama also first time doing her make up...
One day, he will be the man of the day and his mum will do this to him... cant wait for the moment come!

My husband with his best man

Chaos in the house before the wedding ceremony

I love this!


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