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Something that worth to wait - Our wedding ceremony photos

26 October 2019

Dear family and friends,
When we decided we want to have our wedding at 19.9.19, we already know that a lot of our friends and family can't attend it because of its Thursday and its not public holiday too. My mum keep asked me, are you sure to have our wedding on 19/Sept, its Thursday you know...but we love that date so we just go for it. I'm sorry We' for being such a stubborn girl. I will share different blog post about why we choose 19/9 as our date because there's a reason why we choose it. So, dont forget to stay tune on my blog.
Now the technology is advanced so we have other medium to share our life event. 
So, for those who can't attend our wedding, here is full photos of our wedding.

The entrance of my husband's family. They came all the way from Sabah, thank you!


   The entrance of the groom and his best man

 Awww... my husband looks so dapper and handsome

 I love you sayang
 My family entrance

 Nervously waiting for his bride
 Entrance of the bride, which is me

 Demma and Sanai looks so lovely

The walk I never forget in my life
Nerve-wrecking betul

This time I feel super nervous but excited

 Worship time

Uling, my bridesmaid so pretty but she closed her eyes plak...hhahaa

 Thank you my dear nephew for leading the worship time

 The ceremony is starting...

The veils opening...

Why my husband pose like this o? hahahhaaa
Pastor Olleh

Exchange our vows. There's one funny story here.
My bridesmaid lost my vow card so I borrowed my husband's vow card which state there, isteriku... so my bridesmaid dont me tersasul, so she whisper suamiku to my ear three times...hahahhaa
Thanks Uling but its funny... I say the vow correctly...

Exchange our rings

The blessing from Pastor and everyone

We are officially husband and wife...thanks God!
Honestly, I don't remember what going on here and I feel super tired.

Acara pemotongan kek and share the drink as newly married

This one is so funny! hahahhaa
Very city man my husband ermmmm

This drink is air sirap with no sugar hahahahaa

Ucapan from my family side...
Thank you Abun for make time and do this...thank you!

I feel really tired already...hahhaaa

Appreciation gift from my in law...

Photo session.
This is my big family
My family without my father...
With my siblings and mama

My husband seems excited hahahaa

 With my new family

With my husband's family and friends

With our friends that can come...thank you!
With bridesmaid, best man, flower girls and parang boys

With Pastors and Deckon of BEM Data Kakus.
Thank you.

Closing prayer!
I feel so relieved here...hahaa
Puji Tuhan!
Our emcee, Oliver and Nell...Thank you so much!

Exit our ceremony...

I love how I looked here because I look so confident! hahaha


Salam-salam with our guests and say thank you for coming

With my lovely bridesmaid...
This moment I never forget Uling.
Sorry for everything.
My childhood dream come true! I get married here with the man I loved. Thanks to God.

 Take memories in this wonderful church with my husband

Thank you Nell for make this gerbang come true!

With our friends from Jesus Freak Culture in SIB Cheras

Finally, thank you Jesus for make this happen in our life and thank you for give the way when there's no way.
Thank you to my family and friends that helping for this to come true.
Thank you to my husband's family and friends for your support and prayers.
Thank you everyone!

Madame Aya

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