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These 8 years...

This is overdue post. I supposed to post this on 3/Oct but my wedding post becomes priority for you guys. 
This post is dedicated to my 8 years as a working lady.
I started working in 3 Oct 2011, woww...time really flies so fast. Fast forward, its been 8 years.
I am grateful for the job and I'm thankful God has give me strength and wisdom doing my job. I am not perfect definitely but I will always try my best in everything. 
This year, I celebrated this meaningful event with my husband for the first time. We just ate McDonald because we are craving for it. We have been holidaying for 2 weeks and don't have time to go eat McD when we at Borneo as we have Borneo food every day.
It's a very simple celebration but again, I am very thankful for being working women.

Thank you God for this wonderful moment in my life.

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