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Tips on how to decorate your own wedding

19 October 2019

Happy weekend!
It's weekend so I have time to write on my blog.
This time I will share tips on how to decorate your wedding and story behind our wedding theme.
If you want to have full coverage of our wedding post, you can click on Lifestyle > Our wedding. I will post many tips and behind the scenes of our wedding. I know its been 1 month but never too late to share it on my blog right?
Okay, let's get started!

What is your theme?
How to know your theme?
Check your style and your preferences in life.
As for us, I decided our wedding theme is minimalist because in these recent years, I tried to be minimalist in everything I do. I love seeing all white, not so many items and look beautiful. So, definitely this affect my choice in our wedding theme. Also, by having this minimalist concept, we can spend less money on decoration. My advice, don't budget too much on decoration, there part that more important.
For our wedding decorations, we just spent for white cloth ( I bought a lot since I know I will use many of it), navy blue cloth( 10meter), flowers ( three colors only, white, navy and burgundy). I will share details on what I buy for decoration on other post. There you will see how much it cost us.

How did I decide what colour I want to use?
For the colour, I admit that it's so hard to decide what colour we want but I don't waste time to keep thinking and consider. An easy way to decide your color is what's your favorite color and what color you like.
As for us, white is always on the list as the wedding colour is white...haha so no excuse.
As for other colours,  I look at our lifestyle and style, we both love the dark and minimal colour. I think to do black but seems inappropriate so I go for navy blue.
Since we do our wedding during the day, if navy and white, I think it will look boring.
So, I'm looking for one color that in-between dark and bright colour.
After searching and get inspiration from Pinterest, finally, the burgundy colour come out!
I am so happy with this combination.

Decoration concept
Maybe some of you curious, why that hexagon shape? why not other shapes?
The answer is for me, that shape is shape of honey. My husband called me honey since the beginning of our relationship until now so I want to take that to account when I think of our decoration concept.
I want it to be in a frame forever! 
So, whenever I see this decoration now, I'm thinking of honey and that honey is me...haha

Decoration process
What I mean here is decorating your wedding is take time and usually, it's taking longer time if you not prepare well and don't forget people around you will give their instant idea. I become so stressful. So, as a bride, you should already know what you want, what people need to do/helps, don't wait for people to decide for you. Whatever you can prepare early, prepare it. Don't wait until the last minute.

Appreciation for people behind of our wedding decoration.
Each of the items for our wedding decorations has own story and there are people behind it. So, I would like to give appreciation to them.

That one is white cloth kepunyaan my cousin. I'm really thankful for them to let me use it.

Honey shapes
Thank you, my bro, in laws, friends and cousins that make our dream come true! 
I'm very firm when come to this...haha, it's different kind but you guys did it! Thank you so much

Our name
Its last minute things...hahaha
This one made from polistren. Thank you Bung and Uling for helping me on this! I really appreciate it.

I still remember how stress I am for this flowers.
Thank you my husband, Sandra, Uling and Unyie for make it happen. 

This one is DIY by my second sister and Uling... no words can describe how thankful I am for your DIY. I love this chair so much!

Not in the photos ( gerbang and laluan) - coming soon.
Thank you Nell for make it beautiful and lovely! I love it!
Thank you to all that make the shape come true! Its honey shape too.

Thank you my 2nd and 3rd sisters for make my vision come true! 
No picture now and hopefully I can share it soon.

I hope these tips can help you on your wedding decoration soon.

If you feel like ask question, you can always comment below.

Madame Aya

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