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I know it's the second post today.
I think it gonna be wasted if I didn't share this on my blog, our outfit for the important day.
For this important day, I choose to wear a navy blue dress because of several reasons.
1. I lost my white dress, I totally forget where did I put it.
2. I want to be matched with my husband
3. I just love dark colour dress
4. This dress is originally for my engagement but we bought different one so I give this dress a chance to shine.

For my husband, he no choice to wear a smart outfit, its formal event after all.
Actually, this is his wedding attire minus the bow tie and white shirt. We love recycled our outfit because we believe you don't need to "berabis" to look good. 
You will look good in any outfit that gives you confidence.
So, here is our together outfit as legal husband and wife.
I hope more to come soon but I don't think so because my husband is camera shy and he rarely says yes to outfit shooting. I hope he will always say YES ( it's my package after all....haha)

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