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We are legally married - 8/10/19

08 October 2019

Where God's bring you,
God will guide.

I don't know why these words stuck in my head during our marriage registration.It's 8/10/19 and we are legally married! Oh wow! I am REALLY married woman now to the man that I choose to love every day.I'm still can't believe this but it's really happening now and this is the fact now. Maybe some of you wonder, why we register our marriage after our wedding day? Our answer for that is we want to be like that. Do the ceremony at church first then do the legal ceremony after that.  
I'm really thankful for this season in my life, I can't come and thanks you guy personally but thank you for every prayer. God will bless you guys.

This is us in early morning at JPN, feel like going for an interview. I will share on a separate post talking about our outfit because maybe a lot of you might ask, why did I wear a dark colour for such an important event? wait for next post ya. For now, let's see our day today.
With my witness, Marina. 
Thank you Unnie
This is our number...
One selfie with our witness...

We went to the JPN counter and the staff is really Tuesday blues. He wrongly key in and forgot to ask the fee...hahahha Maybe he nervous see us hahahhaa

Then, this was is really long, waiting time and I just remember I forgot to bring my flowers and wear my earing...arghhhh but never mind, just forget that now.
But, it's selfie time.

And, these iconic photos. I come to JPN Putrajaya before to change my IC and I always wished I will take photos here. Weird wish kan? Now, here I am with the man that God has sent for me.

While waiting for JPN staff that kahwinkan us(hahah), we took photos inside the Angkat Sumpah room. The room is quite big so if you do your registration at Putrajaya, you can bring a long all friends and family...haha

Then, the angkat sumpah begin...
I feel like flying again hahhahaa I dont know why am I like that? I am nervous and excited...
After that, we signed the wedding certificate... Oh my God, I really do this with this man..! hahhaa
I'm thankful and bless.
Of course, take photos with our marriage certificate.
We are legally married now.
I'm not pregnat, I forgot to suck in my stomach.

So, that is!
Just like that, we are legally married. Thanks to God!
And, as per usual... I like to take photos wherever I want and pose awkwardly with this man...hahha

After everything is done, we went for brunch... 

Lastly, thank you to our witness Marina and Pastor Suli. You guys make this happened. God bless you two in your life forever.
To everyone, thank you for check out my blog and read this post.
I hope you feel bless and inspired.

Aya-Mrs Maclare
Opps...Madame Aya

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