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Wedding attire process ( My husband's version)

07 October 2019

Happy Monday~
I already share my wedding dress process and this time, I will share my husband's attire hunting process. 
 Firstly, I want to share how we do it.
1. Discuss with my husband what he wants
2. Decide
3. Budget
4. Survey and compare
5. Buy it

First, we went to H&M because it seems affordable there. But, we don't really like the colour over there. 

Next, we went to SPAO

Again, we dont really like it there.
So, we decided to MidValley to check out shop there.
Out of nowhere, my husband ask me to go to SmartMaster and we bought everything there for him. I'm so glad we decided to bought his attire at Smart Master because we love it.

  We bought everything at SmartMaster

Then, another day we find white shirt for him. Again, we go to SmartMaster...haha

I'm super love seeing him in white, I love it!

Also, find shoes.

Initially, my husband wants to buy these shoes for me but its too bright.

Sempat go check out sneakers! No no sayang...

Back to wedding shoes hunting.

I really love this process because its super fast and easy...hahha


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