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My 31st birthday

30 November 2019

It's my 31st birthday!
I celebrated it in a very special way this year. I celebrated my birthday for the first time ever with my husband.
We went out to "pre-birthday" dinner for two nights in a row...haha, we went to eat my favourite foods.
On 29 November night, I went to sleep early, I sleep early nowadays, getting old is never have belas kasihan, cannot make my eyes stay open very long!
On 30 November 2019, at 12am, my husband wished me Happy Birthday LIVE!! no more via messages/call like the previous year! I am blessed!
Having someone you love by your side on your birthday is the best feeling ever! I will always remember this moment and I want this kind of birthday every year.
I don't wish anything this year as I received my biggest present ever, my husband! I'm thankful and blessed!

My biggest gift ever! I want to keep this birthday present everyday.

I'm tired but I'm super blessed with this one!

I can't believe I will still receive a birthday gift. Thanks, Uling! You always best!


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