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My travelling experience as a wife for the first time ever

25 November 2019

 Last week I went to Vietnam due to my work.
I thought I will be fine. I am very wrong! I feel TERRIBLE!
We missed each other terribly! Video call and counting the days everyday. I never knew the experience will be like this.
I guess this Malay perumpamaan is really happen to us,
Mandi tak basah ( basah juga lah..)
Makan tak kenyang ( yes, I don't feel good at all)
Tidur tak lena ( I often push myself to sleep to make the day move faster)
Everything feel so terrible.
I can't eat very well, feel so sick after come back from work, not count the terrible traffic from my workplace to hotel...ughhh! I really feel bad! But, this is my work commitment so I need to fulfill it.
It's not 100% terrible but almost of it its terrible! My grab driver hit the women and her motocycle and this women angry terribly until everyone at the street come look at the accident. She is okay but she was so aggresive! She don't want to move in front of the car after my grab driver go inside the car, wow! This is really a nightmare for me! I always prayed that I will never experience this but its happen in front of my eyes this time. I scared! Thanks to God, I'm fine and she not angry at me. I arrived safely at office...fuh! what an experience!

My first meal in Vietnam...
Pumpkin porridge but its taste not good.

Everyday views

My first day meal with colleague. I telan sj so he not feel bad.

 My favorite food in Vietnam but I can't eat it very well this time.

 As the day goes by, my selera is become so terrible. I can't eat very well, just milk and bread.
 Also, porridge...
 Tried the noodles soup, feel a little good but still not feel satisfied.

 Traffic jammed, its 5km long.
 I feel bad when eat this, the ayam is no isi at all and I always think the view of the restaurant...aiyaa
 Christmas also in the corner in Vietnam
 My husband's face say it all.

This is one of the change that I feel in my life now.
I feel different when my husband is not around. Everything feel goes wrong.
Lastly my experience is terrible...haha.
Yes, I am clingy wifey!


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