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5 best beauty products I used in November 2019

03 December 2019

Arghh...after so long, here is my single selfie! hahaha
I rarely take my selfie nowadays as I always want to take a selfie/wefie with my hubba. I take selfie many times when I'm single so now it's time for wefie with hubba. But this one is exception because I'm going to share with you guys my 5 best beauty products that I used since beginning of November 2019 or some of it, just favorite and I keep buy it.

1. Make up remover 
I don't really know what make up remover that I like before but what I want is I want something that not make my skin dry or have side effect after use it. After one month using this make up remover, yes #keriitletoreview approved it! Yes, we can continue use it!

2. Eye make up remover
I wear eyeliner and eyebrow almost everyday, if not than I really can't recognize myself and not feel so confident. I don't say this is my source of confident but when your brow on fleek, you will walk confidently...haha and to make sure everything is remove effectively, this one is really good so far. It not make my lips feel dry or no side effect on my eye lid too. You can check this out at The Face Shop.

3. Lens cleansing
I swear on this!
I've been using this lens cleansing for many years now. This one is MUST for lens users. It's effectively remove the "dirt" on your lens and feel like fresh lens the next day. You must give it try!

I love this one! It's like mini machine that cleans your lens.

4. Hair serum
I talked a lot about this lately. I love love this hair serum! Its available at Watson now so yahooo! Thanks to God...haha
If you have dry hair and you don't like the oily feeling on your hand after apply, you should try this one!

5. Chia seed hydrating lotion
Yes, another Korean product! and The Face shop! hahaa
For this past few years, I been avid user of The Face Shop beauty product, I just love it! I applied this on my face every morning, before I apply my foundation. 

So, that's it! 
My 5 best beauty products I used in November 2019 and continue to use it for this month.

If you have any comment or question, you can comment below.


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