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Christmas in KL 2019

25 December 2019

Finally the day we are waiting for is here, its Christmas 2019!
As you already know we celebrated Christmas in KL this year due to some unavoidable event. I'm quite sad because this is my first time celebrate Christmas without my family but I'm grateful because I can celebrate Christmas with my husband for the first time.
I saw a lot of you guys shared photos from kampung...awww! everyone has photos with their family, I hope you have a good one!
I'm going to share my experience celebrating Christmas in KL with you guys, it's a bit different than yours and I hope you can see the glimpse of my Christmas in the city.

Early morning
I start the day by played Christmas songs to get the Christmas spirit in the air and of course, take photos for memories. My favourite Christmas song is All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey! I make Mariah Carey richer every Christmas! haha.
Here is some photos with my hubba. We don't have Christmas tree this year because I don't know when can I buy it and when can I decorate it, I feel sick most of the time.

They are our cell group friends and they stayed overnight at our house so we can go to church together.

Haiza, Sambai, Bell, Aya and Mac.

On the way go to church for Christmas services.
My husband looks so serious when driving but I want to make memories.
After church, waiting for our lunch. Thanks to SIB Serdang, we have a great lunch.
After Christmas service, we must take photos.

My Christmas goal this year is take a photo at the shopping mall because they decorated it so nicely so its waste if we didn't take photos there. We went to The Times Square and Pavillion at KL. It's super crowded!! But, we managed to take some photos so its okay lah.

 Next location is Pavillion!
Oh God, super crowded, never ever want to go here again. but, we got to see Ironman...haha

With the complete squad! They're future doctor and nurse! except me and Uling lah..hehe

So, conclusion?
I honestly don't like celebrate Christmas in the city, I hope this will be my last time to celebrate Christmas like this. But, I will never take this experience for granted, I love the experience and its make me appreciate the moment I spend with my family at Borneo.
Thanks to husband for always be there and celebrating Christmas together this year, more to come!
Thanks to my friends that make me feel not alone and make the day feel good.

Merry Christmas 2019 everyone!


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