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Chriszen roller moist cream review 2019

Hi there!
Here is another beauty product review. This time, it's Chriszen roller moist cream. Yes, another Chriszen product. I was curious to try this brand actually so that's why also my sister introduced it to me and it looks good on her so I tried it for one month and here is my review.

First impression: Looking good but I don't know how to use it at first.

How its feel on my face: When I apply it for the first time on my face, I feel it's a heavy foundation. Maybe I don't really know how to apply it actually. As the days go by, I keep rolling it on my face, I think I finally got it! It's blending well now. I use it almost every day. I mean I went to work, I will apply it.

My review star : ★★★★★

So, this is how it makes my face look like.

I finally feel like alive women now...haha. I am back to my women routine! haha
Again, no ugly women, just a lazy and broke women!

Let me know what do you think of this product.


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