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Life update

13 December 2019

Hello, my dearest blog reader,
How are you guys?
I hope you do well and be happy.
I've been not consistent writing on my blog(my bad) because sometimes I don't know what to share and sometimes before I hit the publish button, I always asked myself " Do this post will be encourage the readers?" If I answered "No", then I won't post it. It's not that I stop myself for being freely sharing what I feel on my blog but I need to filter everything as that discourages post will be not representing the real me.
Again, I've not restricted myself for being free on my blog but I want to keep the positive vibes on my blog. I hope you understand what I want to say here.
Okay, before 2019 will end, I want to share my life update...
Since September 2019, as you guys know, I've been newly married  to my loved one. Life is exciting and amazing and my focus is shifted to this new family of mine. I need to take care of my new family and I still need to learn many things in this level too. I can say my life is pretty amazing but there also challenges that makes our ride is not easy but all that's making me stay grounded and always surrender my life to God. I'm thankful for having my husband with me, I am blessed.
There's a lot of new things happen in my life too. I'm trying my best adapting all these new things, some of it, I still digesting...haha, try to swallow it even its hard...haha.
Also, I've been worry too much about my career lately. I've thinking what's next, what's next ALL THE TIME!  My husband told me, go with the flow and pray to God to give me guidance. I really need that.
And, for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! I will NOT GO BACK TO OUR HOMETOWN for Christmas this year due to unavoidable event. It's quite sad when I think about this but sometime we need to set our priority on certain things in our life. What I can say now is LIFE MUST GO ON!!
Where you going to celebrate Christmas this year?
If you're in KL/Selangor, please comment below. Maybe we can go celebrate together!


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