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List of Christmas activities I love

21 December 2019

This year is my first year celebrating Christmas in the city.
Usually, I will be the first one to get out of the city and go back to kampung. I miss doing that. But, I've been going through life transition now so I cant do as per usual.
So, in order to cure my kerinduan, I will share five activity I love doing during Christmas at my kampung.

1. Ngabang ( Open house)
This one I love the most! If you're not familiar with Ngabang, it's an open house. You can visit any house you want and eat whatever the owner of the house prepare. I love this!
I can eat my favourite all the time. At my kampung, we start the open house from 21 December until 24 December! It's for 4 days!!
During my childhood, I love this one the most because I can eat the homemade biscuits and can spend my time with my friends. As time goes by, I just visit my relative house, I can visit everyone anymore haha. Why? my stomache is fullest and I less of energy and I take it for granted!
While you're at it, enjoy it the maximum!
2. Take a photo of my family
I do this every year especially my niece and nephews, they will be my permanent model. Sometimes I took photos of our family, it's depend because everyone is always busy. But, this year everyone is home except me... so sad. While you able to go back home, take a lot of photos okay?
3. Catch up with my siblings
I live far away from my family so whenever Christmas time, it's my only time to catch up with them. As I get older, I spent less with family...
4. Do groceries shopping with my family
What I love the most! I usually do this on my own but whenever Christmas, I will do it with my family. I love to spend money with them. Sometimes I don't have enough but they will make it enough.
5. Spend time with family
Sometimes doing nothing with my family also the best!
Just sit together and eat wonderful food. Just enough.

This year, I feel terrible thinking of I will spend my Christmas away from my family for the first time everrrr! But, it's okay, I will spend it with my husband. I will look a positive side.
Again, while you able to go back to see your family, don't take it for granted!
So, what Christmas activity you love to do?
Please comment below, I love to hear it too.


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