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My first Christmas away from home

I've been mumbling about this matter many times already...haha, please don't be boring ya. This is my first Christmas away from home. Please allow me to cry! Yes, I really cry now!! T_T
Yes, I'm a big girl but I still want to cry! I missed my parent, my siblings, my niece, my nephews... If I know this will be hard, I will not go to do it!
I'm thankful!
My husband is here! It's our first Christmas together this year and I won't spoil it with my unchangeable attitude! This is different kind of Christmas experience so I must enjoy it to the fullest!
So, on Christmas Eve we went to our friend house, Chien for Christmas Eve dinner. I can't enjoy so much because I need to take care of my diet now.
Here is our photos during our Christmas eve this year.


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