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Where and how to celebrate Christmas in KL/Selangor?

17 December 2019

Photo: @suriaklccmall(Instagram)

This post is dedicated to my fellow 'not balik' kampung Borneo in Semanjung Malaysia.
So, where and how to celebrate Christmas in KL/Selangor?

1. Find nearby church
The reason you have your off day because of Christmas day so don't forget to find nearby church to celebrate with fellow Christian.

2. Take photos with Christmas decorations at Klang Valley Shopping malls
There a lot so I cannot mention one by one here.
One of the famous and easy to find is KLCC and Pavilion area.
Or you can check the guide from KL Foodie Blog

3. Spend time with your fellow friends...eating together
We Borneo people loves to eat especially during this festive season.

4. Call your family and see what they are eating
And, don't forget to call your family during this festive season.

It's kind sad when think of not going back for Christmas this year but I try to enjoy the moment.


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