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Highlights of 2020

It's 31/December/2020, the last day of 2020.

Just like that, finally, we come to the end of 2020. Wow!!

This year has been…. I don’t know! I can't say it amazing as I think it quite bumpy journey and I have learned so many hard lessons in my life ( every year is the same haha).

So, here is my HIGHLIGHTS this year.

  • I’m pregnant my first child ( weird enough, I missed being pregnant haha)
  • I experienced work from home ( I've been wished for this before, nah…mendapat!, not bad).
  • I experienced maternity leave ( It's not a holiday y'all, its preparation/training for another permanent job as a mother)
  • I experienced giving birth for the first time ( now I can say, its not so scary after all)
  • I experienced how to breastfeeding for the first time ( I think I should try better next time).
  • I experienced postpartum (it's really scary and killing me!, thanks to my friend, Maz and my husband for being there for me!)
  • I experienced berpantang ( I didn't wash my hair for 1 month, gross! but yes this happened!)
  • I experienced being a working mum ( I can say, its really really hard but I choose this path)
  • I tried my best to do my new tasks ( I really try my very best but maybe its not for me)
  • I finally have the courage to make a change in my career ( I really really scared to make a change actually but I determined to make a change, pray for me!)
  • I admit I still have a problem with my financial management ( I really want to get out from this)
  • I admit I’m still cengeng with my mum ( I still cry when my mum left me after my pantang, I make a post about it  >>> HERE.)
  • I still have my baby weight body, I need to get rid of this a.s.a.p. This evening I will start to go for exercise.

2020 has been so many ups and down but its AMAZING because we got our first child, Karl Sibal.

It’s really changed our life.

We don’t sleep like we sleep before.But, sometimes tersleep lebih hahha

We don’t go out like we go out before. Always want to come back home early and asap because I miss my baby.

Some of the things still the same because not everything can change overnight and not mean to be to change.

For this last day of 2020, I just feel thankful for,

  • still alive well and enough ( even I had so many thing going on)
  • still survived because of God with me.
  • I have my family with me.
  • I have my friend, Wiwie helped me for taking care of our baby. 
  • I can VC my family at kampung

As 2020 become to end, I make a bold decision in my life that going to change my 2021.

The future is uncertain but I believe and have faith in God and do my best toward uncertainties.

For now, let’s be grateful and enjoy life.

To 2020,

thank you so much for “come to my life” and I able to experience you. Never ever think that you will be so different than the previous year. We experienced many new things.

To my readers,

thank you so much for reading my blog.

I hope you learn something useful from my blog or you feel a good vibes here. This is the place I love to write and be so frank or honest about what I have experienced in my life. I hope you enjoy read and learn something for your life.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I revamp my blog to become parenting blog. But, non parent readers don't worry, I still write about life experience that everyone can learn from.

I hope you have a good experience in 2020 and if its bad, let's do our best in 2021.

Before I end this post, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 in advance!

See you next year! ( virtually here).

Sincerely and full of love and blessing to you,



[Announcement ] Revamp my blog

Hello there!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

How are you? I hope you doing well and safe wherever you are.

Before 2020 end, I would like to announce that, I'm revamping my blog ( merombak blog saya).

As you know, my blog is all rojak topics before, ada fashion, ada food, ada travel and etc. 

So, next year which is lusa, I would like to revamp it and focus on one niche/topic which is blog about PARENTING. Start from my pregnancy journey and tips, my deliver and labor, raising my son and our life as a new family. Also, sharing tips and review and tools that can make your life as a new parent easier. 

I still going to talk about other stuff ( don't worry non-parent readers) but most of the time it will be all about parenting thingy. No worries, eventually you will become one and hopefully, you can come back to my blog...hehe.

Why Parenting blog?

We just become a parent this year and we kind of clueless parent ( our first time) and we have many things to learn and looking for a guide. Most of the time, I'm googling or asking friends about what to do, which product is okay or not and how to do that and many things. Banyak bertanya jugalah...

There are many parenting blogs on the internet but mostly western people blogs. I never found one particular blog that blogging about Malaysian parenting that shares about their personal experience, especially from Borneo. So, that's why I think I should do this. 

Oh ya, if you know Malaysia parenting blog, please do comment and share with me. I would like to read and follow. 

I would like to share my personal experience on becoming a parent and the first time parent will be not so clueless and make the parenting journey a little bit easier. I can't magically make it easy for you but at least, make it little easier and most importantly, you don't feel alone in this new journey.

I will share the interesting topics via

+ Blog ( here)

+ Podcasts ( Spotify)

+ Youtube 

+ SocMed ( Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

Looking forward to embarking this new journey with you.

See you on the next posts.



Be strong and move on

It's midnight and I just can't sleep.

My life is under turbulence lately.

I make a very big decision in my life. I feel really scared! 

I still try to embrace this change but I can't really take it well, I've been so messed up lately and a lot of things does not go well. My mind keeps thinking about many things and what-ifs things not go as I planned. I had a sleepless night and I wish I can sleep peacefully.

But, one thing I want to remind myself,

"Change is scary but stay at my comfort zone forever is scarier".

I will embrace this change process and be strong and move on.

I can't share details about what happens now but I will share it soon or later.



After almost a decade of working, what I have learned?

Hi there!

How are you? I hope you're doing fine and healthy and safe always.

When I think of this article's title, I just feel wow! almost a decade already I'm working. Time really flies very fast and there are so many changes I witnessed and feel. As per usual, I love to share my life experience and this what my blog about. All about sharing life experiences.

I started working on 3 October 2011, I still remember my first day look like. I was nervously getting to know everyone because it's my first job. I still remember I wore an all-black outfit.

Before I started my work, I had a rough starting point actually. I can't find the "bilik sewa" before I go to work but thanks to God, I found one right before I enter work. On my first day at work, I tumpang one of the same workplace with me because I don't have a car. For the first month, I just tumpang some of the colleagues that working at same workplace. That time, there's no e-hailing ( maybe exist but for my side, I don't know about it). After I got my first salary plus with my dad support, I go bought my first car and this time also my first ever big money transcation. I never make a big transcition before and I think this is the starting point to make a big transcations. 

- Be good or at least know your senior at college/university

Most of the people that help me at my beginning are my senior at college. Actually, I don't really know them since they are far different batch than me.

- Enjoy the rough starting point

Starting a journey is not an easy one. There are many obstacles but I can say, enjoy it and learn from it.

- Have a career plan/career vision

I don't really have this from the beginning because I don't have any idea. I think I got it quite late but there's no late in this life.

- While you at it, be good and responsible for your job.

I am not perfectly good and responsible for my job, sometimes I make mistakes and seems not doing my job but I really tried my best to give my everything.

- Enjoy meeting many types of people

Everyone is not same, semua ada perangai tersendiri. So, you can't control others behaviours so enjoy meeting them. If there something you can learn from them, learn and if there something that not good enough about them, if you can tell them, just tell them. If no, then just ignore it and go forward.

- Have life goals and determine to achieve them

I had achieved most of my life goals this decade. I get my boyfriend, my fiance', my husband, the same person lah. I mean, I got to experience how bercinta cintun, getting engaged and getting married. Also, I become a mother too. 
On the other side, I bought my first house and hopefully to pay off my first car loan May 2021.

This is the lessons that I can think of now. I will keep updating this if I can come out with many. I wrote this article at 6am haha. I am really thankful for this almost one-decade life experiences. 

And, I am ready to embark a new life journey for the next decade. I will share about this at a different post.

For now, peace!



Our first Christmas as a parent

25 December 2020

It's our first Christmas as a parent. I won't say anything but Wow! I'm thankful and feel different too. 

What's the difference?

1. Need to follow our son's schedule, no more our schedule.

2. Need to prepare his milk and all his need when we go out. Bring his bag everywhere.

3. He will be sleepy at any time he wants. He just doesn't care about you...haha.

4. No more going out during the night for celebration. We had limited time to go out for celebration and no more night celebration as our baby needs to sleep.

It's really different than before.

But, we are thankful for able to celebrate Christmas healthy and happy. I am really happy because I can celebrate with my husband and my son. What really matters for me.




Karl Sibal first Christmas

This year is our son's first Christmas.
Back in before I gave birth, we already planned that we will go back for Christmas this year and do thanksgiving party for my son at my side and my husband's side too. But, we never ever imagine this year Christmas will be like this. We can't go back to our hometown due to several reasons and the main reason is due to COVID-19 pandemic. We are stuck in Semenanjung Malaysia.
To be really honest, I feel really sad due to this. I want my son to know where he comes from and gets to know our big family at Sabah and Sarawak. But, who am I to make everything goes like I planned. I am not a God. I tried to not to feel sad and not to think too much about this because there's nothing I can do about this now. So, to make me happy, I do what I love which is take photos of my son's first Christmas. Here you go!

Just like that, the first Christmas is gone! 
I hope next year, we will able to celebrate with our family at Sabah and Sarawak.



Christmas Eve 2020


Template PERCUMA untuk flow acara pertunangan

Hi semua!

Apa khabar semua? Saya harapkan kamu sihat- sihat sahaja dimanapun kamu berada.

Biasanya di hujung tahun, acara pertunangan/ perkahwinan selalu diadakan. Saya rasakan ia merupakan acara "wajib" ada semasa bercuti hujung tahun.

Untuk melaksanakan acara besar ini tidaklah mudah, ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman saya sendiri. Saya bertanya kepada yang bertunang sebelum ini sama ada mereka ada template untuk flow acara pertunangan? Kebanyakan tidak menyimpan, saya faham juga, siapa mahu simpan kan?

Jadi, saya rasakan saya mahu membantu setiap pasangan yang akan bertunang dengan sediakan FREE template untuk flow acara pertunangan.

Anda boleh download dengan PERCUMA dengan klik link dibawah dan print untuk digunakan.

FREE Template acara pertunangan

Untuk yang beragama Kristian SIB Sarawak, saya juga ada borang pertunangan, kamu boleh download dari link dibawah:

Borang pertunangan SIB Sarawak

Dari masa ke masa, saya akan memperbaiki template ini. 

Saya berharap template ini dapat membantu kamu dalam merancang acara pertunangan kamu dan pasanagan.

Happy engaged!



How to design your event invitation for FREE?

Hi all,
How are you guys? I hope you doing fine.
I've been wanted to share about this since ages...haha, I did share but maybe not really details and helpful.
So, this time, I want to share details and how to create engagement/wedding/birthday invitation and the best thing, for FREE!!

[Step 1] 
Go to and search for canva and click on canva

[Step 2] 
After click Canva and below will displayed and click on Canva

[Step 3] 
Once you click Canva on [Step 2], below will displayed.

[Step 4] 
Select Event

[Step 5] 
All event template will be displayed and you can choose whatever you want or even custom it.

How to download your design?
[Step 6] 
At the top right(as below), select the arrow down button and you can download.

[Step 7] 
Another way to download your masterpiece is click on ... and there you can Download.

I hope this helps you with your any event preparation.
This will save you time and money.

Please let me know what How to  you want to know in the comment below.



My first time making biscuit


For the record, it's my first time making biscuit in my life.

It's biscuit Makmur. I love this biscuit especially the one that my sister made.

Christmas traditions that I missed

In 2 weeks, it's Christmas! 

We have decided, we are not going back for Christmas this year 😭😭

This will be my second times not going back for Christmas. It's really sad. Whenever I think of it, I just want to cry all day long but I am a mum & wife now so I can't be "cengeng", I need to be strong even though I really missed my family. We can travel interstate now but we had our baby so it's too risky to travel to our hometown also we need to go under quarantine for 14 days if we go back to Sarawak, we don't have that much annual leave. 😭

When I think of Christmas, one thing that I always remember, I can see my family face to face. 

Also, I always remember the good memories of Christmas back during my childhood. I wish I can back to the old days, my childhood days.

Making homemade biscuits

Back then, when December come, everyday is the most exciting days because every day has Christmas activity like pertandingan bola sepak, pentas nyanyian, persediaan ngabang dan sukaneka. During early December, I remember my sisters and mum will be so busy making homemade biscuits, and not just my family but everyone make it. When I go out, everywhere is smell biscuits. I just love that!

I still can see the tiny me lari sana sini feel so excited about Christmas!

I really miss that moment.

Now, I'm having my own family, I never know I will come this far because I never imagined I will married to the man I love and having kids at 2020.

I know I will be eventually married but I just can't imagine how this will be look like.

Balik kampung see all my family

I missed celebrating Christmas at my hometown. Seeing all my family in one house make me feel happy without doing anything.

I missed to annoyed my sisters ( especially Todz) hehe and she will nagged at me all day long but I just don't care!

I missed talking about anything face to face with my dad after 1 year didn't see and talk to him face to face. I just miss my dad so bad.

I missed seeing all my cousins come to my house and just say hi and brief conversation which I love, I don't care it brief conversation but love to know how's everyone doing.

My mum/sisters homemade food

Most of that, I missed my mum and sister cooks. I usually "tunggu makan" and "cuci pinggan", I really missed the food.

For my family, our Christmas tradition is simple and just like other Kenyah's family.

All must go back to kampung celebrate Christmas.

When we go back, usually we will do makan-makan just to share our thankfulness to God for his love that years. 

As per usual, my mum will make "selukung" or "adut", its a Kenyah traditional food and my sisters will prepare the "cak tung ubi", oh God!! My favorite!

Ngabang/kunjung mengunjungi

During Christmas, there will be ngabang/kunjung mengunjugi tradition. I love this during my childhood. Boleh minum cola all day long and eat delicious biscuit too and can tapau masuk dalam plastic hitam and eat at tuun. I just missed this but as I grew older, I take this for granted. I rarely go ngabang because I just love to spend time with my day and siblings at home. I plan to not to take this for granted this year but lain pulak kejadiannya.

Watch the football game 

Back then, I went to watch the football game with my friends. This is annual event during Christmas. It's so wonderful to see a lot of people come to support and enjoy the game. Now, I wish I can turn back time and go watch with my mum, because my mum loves to go watch the game. Watch the game sambil ngabang-ngabang. How wonderful!

Christmas morning service

I usually went to Christmas morning service with my mum and sister before I get married. Now, that I'm married, I went with my husband. But, this year, its will be different. We will just at home and join the online service. It's really different. But, it's okay. As long as I celebrate every Christmas with my husband and son then everything will be okay.

Even though we are not going back for Christmas this year, I hope we will have a wonderful and meaningful Christmas this year at our home at Semenanjung Malaysia. One day, we definitely going back home so for now, enjoy the celebration here.

Do you have Christmas tradition that you missed now?

Let me know by comment below.




My first ever Podcast in Spotify

Hi there!

Finally, I'm brave enough to hit that publish button to release my first ever podcast today.

I've been wondering for a long time, how they make podcasts? So, I do my own research and I found how to. I will share on a different post on "How to make your own Podcasts?".

I'm still learning how to do this so please bear with me if any weakness during this first episode.

Since I love Podcasts so much, I really wanted to make one. Listen to people talk tell stories and talk about anything, I just love that. I'm not just listening to my favourite music on Spotify, most of the time especially when I'm driving, I listened to my favourite podcasts. My current favourite is Mamak sessions, TED Talks and Unexplained Mysteries by Parcasts Network.

I love listening to Podcasts because I remember back in the day, I love to listen to storytelling on the radio every Sunday evening, it's RTM radio. I don't remember the exact name of the program but back then, there's a program like this on the radio. 

I just love to hear people talking telling story and experiences.

So, I decided to make my own.

Before I hit published today, I listen to it many times, I feel funny and insecure but I really want to make my dream to have my own podcasts come true so I just hit publish! Whatever it is, I will improve next time. I just need to START SOMEWHERE so I start to make my dream come true today.

You can listen to it by click link below:

or you can search me on Spotify, search : keriitleto

I hope you enjoy listening to my first ever Podcasts and don't forget to share feedback if any so I can improve next time.

I hope to have you on the next episode.

Thanks and love,



Motherhood is lonely journey

Hi there!
Thanks for click this link and read my motherhood experience.
No one ever told me how lonely this journey will be.
I remember the day my mum told me she wants to go back to Sarawak after just one month my pantang, she told me" I can't forever depends on her, I am a mother now", I cried silently every day, my mum sound so kejam right? but thats the reality, I need to be independent from now on. The moment my mum went back, I really feel so lonely and I finally feel the motherhood journey is so lonely. I have my husband but sometimes he doesn't understand what I really feel, he told me im think too much or whatever. Then, I started to just keep it myself.
I don't really have a friend that I can share my experience. I had few friends but sometimes I feel hesitate to talk because I know they also busy and trying their best to figure out their life.
I mostly google or read articles on motherhood apps.
For the support system, I have my husband that sometimes clueless, that's understandable because we both new this thing. I don't blame him for that.
My family? my siblings? Sometimes they support me but we can't connect most of the time because they at kampung. 
For church community, since I do not manage to connect with fellow mums due to pandemic, I joined the chat group but common sense I will never sharing my life there. I don't blame for this, I'm new so not really feel open to talk about motherhood journey.
In the positive side, in this lonely time, I just share what I really feel to God, only God understand me. Maybe that's why this journey like this because I really need to close to God.
I read Bible more and I have devotional plan everyday, thats why I feel a bit "stable", tanpa Tuhan, I think I will be crazy.

To new mother out there, if you feel lonely, you can reach me out, i am willing to be your motherhood friend.
You can whatsapp me,+60192872023(Aya)



Baby grocery haul December 2020

Hello there!

How are you? I hope you feel good.

Being a parent is an exciting journey as well its come with responsibility. As a parent, we are responsible to make sure our baby need is always enough. After being a parent for 5 months now, I think I got the spending patterns.

Every month, here is our spending on our son.

1. Pampers

We usually bought 2 packs. Currently, we still try and error any brands. We don't really stick on a specific brand. We still experimenting.

Usually, our budget for pampers is RM100/month.

2. Formula Milk

We choose to give our baby formula milk due to my situation, I can't share details here but with heavy heart, we go for formula milk. We are thankful our baby can drink affordable formula milk.

Usually, our budget for formula milk is RM100/month as one pack (900ml) is RM25 and one month usually our son drink 4 packs.

3. Cleansing liquid

I never know that we need to use specific cleansing liquid for baby stuff before this...haha.

But, I had a common sense on this actually as I saw Baby cleansing liquid.

Our budget for this usually RM50/month but we usually stock up so we are not buying every month.

4. Laundry liquid

Usually, we just bought many so we don't buy this every month.

Our budget for this is RM50. So, we can buy 5 packets of laundry liquid. We can use it for up to 2 months.

5. Toys

This one we need to buy every month as he develops different every month so I bought toys according to his months. Our budget for this one is RM100, it depends.

Total spending on baby grocery for December 2020 = RM400

For next month, we don't need to buy cleansing liquid and laundry liquid as we already stock up for January until February 2021. So, maybe the budget will go for other stuff.

How do your new parent spend on your baby grocery?

Share with me.




Christmas tree safety ideas for new parent

Hello there~

Can't believe its December now! Time flies so fast, right? When December come, all I can think of is a Christmas and balik kampung season, but this year is very very different.

First, we got our first son and second is its pandemic.

My idea for Christmas holiday after having a child is we will go back to Sabah & Sarawak and after that, we are "free" from our son because my family and my husband's family will be definitely want to spend time with our son which is a new addition to our big family. So, I think I will be able to take a little bit of break and time with my husband...hehe.

Sadly, that's not going to happen this year.

We can't go back! We can but since our son is just five months baby, we don't want to expose him to COVID-19 as we will travel to some places. So, to minimize the risk, we will just stay at home and celebrate Christmas here in Semenanjung Malaysia.

To be really honest, we feel so sad for not able to go back to our hometown to celebrate Christmas but life must go on, right?

In order to lift up the mood, Wiwie and I went to buy a Christmas tree and then, we decorated it on 1/Dec and here you go!

But, we have one problem now, my son keeps going there, I mean he keeps go nearby the Christmas tree, I feel scared to see him there.

So, I'm searching for any idea of how to make a Christmas tree safe for our son.

Here is 3 ideas that I found in Pinterest.

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

I think I will go for Idea 3 as we had many big boxes and we already bought the wrappers.
Our Christmas tree is not done yet, so that why its look "kurus"...haha
I will share the complete look before Christmas day, on Christmas eve.
Do you have any other tips for Christmas tree safety?
Please do share with me.



Karl Sibal is 5 months old!

Puji Tuhan!!
Karl Sibal is 5 months old!
No words can't describe how thankful we are to see our son is growing and healthy. When he sick, I just can't see that. I feel terrible and that the worst feeling ever!
My prayers to my son, he will grow healthy and happy.
When I looked back on day 1 or his first week in this world, I definitely crying and at the same time, I feel grateful too. That journey is worth it. It's shape me to be stronger mum.

God, I surrender my son to you.
Please take care of him always.


My birthday 2020

Finally, I have time to write about my birthday celebration in 2020! 

Thanks to God, I had a blessed birthday. I celebrated with my small family. I just can't wait to celebrate with even bigger family in future.

This is the night before my birthday. It's look messed up.

This is before 30/11.2020, the most important person in my life is sleeping and act like nothing going to happen.

My husband tried to bertahan but cannot hahaha
But, he did wake up on 12:00am just to wish me and get back to sleep hahahha

In the morning, for the first time ever, he just sleep deeply on my birthday hahaha

I tried to decorate my birthday and here what's happened.

Menjadi juga lah...

On my birthday, after failed to renew my driving license, I went to Muji. I really wanted to go here but for me the prices here is too expensive.

Also, I bought the pomade for my husband

I'm trying to renew my license but the queu is too long.

Christmas tree.

I went to eat my lunch at Dubuyo.

Last errands, I go get the cake that my husband sponsored.

Here is the celebration

Ayam bakar by me

I'm just crazy about dinousor right now.

Just like that, the birthday celebration is over.