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Am I ready for motherhood?

15 January 2020

Gambar sekadar hiasan hahha

Hi there!
Yes, another motherhood article, I'm sorry young people! I guess you need to keep read on my motherhood article from now on. You also will experience this soon or later.

As you guys already know, I'm currently pregnant our first child and this question always in my mind,
"Am I ready for motherhood?"

I don't know if that's normal for new mum to be like me. 
Please let me know if this is normal on comment below.
Of course, I'm ready! because I already choose to get married after all and eventually after married, I will be mum, its expected process. But, when I keep the question, again and again, I laughed at myself because I feel like I always my parent's kid forever( of course lah...!, you know what I mean), I am someone that always need mum and my sisters especially when I'm sick and sad..haha

I don't know how can I handle my own kids since I also still kid hehehe. But, this life is a process and there's phase I should face in order to achieve the end of my life. Now, I'm entering another phase of life, I should be brave and positive. Think of happy thoughts and not think too much! God will always there for whatever it is.
I already planning what to do with my kids...( evils laughs)
If I got baby girl, she will be like below. Mini-me!!
If we got baby boy, okay lah...I surrender him to his dad! I like his dad so I want him to be like him and maybe better version...haha

Put that crazy thoughts aside,
I honestly scared to face this motherhood phase in my life.
I feel like I'm not really know how to handle myself and I will handle mini us soon...whoa!! I don't know how I will behave and what will I do...
I am ready but I always fear that, am I able to give my best for my own kids, am I able to raise them to be a good person?

Am I the only one have this thought?
How do you ladies ( mummies) out there know you're ready for motherhood?
Please share with me. 
I love to hear that.


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